Quality Pyramid

Passion. Tradition.
Origin. Sustainability.

As a VDP winegrower we commit to comply with a strict set of rules above and beyond those prescribed by German law for “quality wine.” A strong focus is placed on the origin of the wines and on sustainable work in both the vineyard and cellar. The result: wines that show great individuality from the first sip to the last. No vineyard is like another — just as every wine has its own unique character.


The key to the uniqueness of VDP.Wines is their origin. The soil, light and shade, wind, heat and coolness all contribute to making the wines exceptional and give them personality and character. The winegrowers in the VDP analyze these conditions in detail, consulting old vineyard maps, searching for appropriate grape varieties and evaluating the vineyards based on both their historical performance and current potential. Our VDP classification is based on a clear philosophy: the narrower the origin, the higher the quality

We award only the very best vineyards our VDP.GROSSE LAGE® designation. Wines from these vineyards shine through their uniqueness and distinctiveness. VDP.ERSTE LAGE® wines are also distinguished by their unparalleled ability to express the essence of a vineyard. VDP.ORTSWEINE come from a village’s best vineyards. VDP.GUTSWEINE are the foundation of our origins-based philosophy and come only from our own vineyards.

By the way: The VDP.Classification is not stipulated in German wine law, but reflects the VDP’s own private regulations.